"God is one, Dharma is one, prophets are the messengers of the same truth."... Sri Sri Thakur

The Message

Satsang* does not think in terms of
Pakistan, Hindustan, Russia, China, Europe or America either-

Satsang wants man, every individual of mankind—
whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Buddhist 
or whatever—

to be gathered in His Name
at the clarion call of Panchabarhi*
in pursuit, nurture and fulfilment,
in elevating offering,

in mutual compassionate co-operation
and in an uplifting, efficient and industrious
go of life

so that everybody by proper work
earning their food and clothing 
can survive,

maintaining distinctiveness of being
and moving in the way of becoming,
so that everyone can understand
that everyone belongs to him,
so that no one can think

that he is helpless, penniless, shelter less,
so that every single person can say courageously
with active co-operative zeal of love
"I am everyone's
and everyone is mine".

Sri Sri Thakur

The Great Master

Satsang wants man
in the name of the One Supreme Creator
of all beings,
God, Khoda or Existence,
Whatever you call Him.
Satsang does not think in terms of
Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist ;
regarding each and everyone
as a child of Him alone,
Satsang wants to make all
submissive to that One.

*Satsang- the place of union of those who devoted to the 
go of Sat (the incarnate Source of existence) ; 
an institution which aims at attaining life and 
growth through the pursuit of an all-fulfilling Ideal.

Sri Sri Thakur

*Panchabarhi - Five fires symbolizing the five disciplines for becoming: service to Almighty one, the seers, the grouping of the varieties of similar instincts, devoutness to the forefathers that followed the existential path, and self dedication to the present Fulfiller the Best.

Sri Sri Thakur

 Among  Christ, Buddha, Chaitanya, Rasul And Krishna you make some difference ;
Don’t you know they’re the Same come down
For suffering creatures’ deliverance ?

Sri Sri Thakur

He who is fulfiller the Best of the present age
is Nurturer of individual distinctiveness
and all-fulfilling ;
He is the Kohinoor of the past Prophets,
and furthermore, He is the inspiration
that welcomes His future Advent.

Sri Sri Thakur