"He who differentiates among prophets brings about destruction by causing blinding darkness."... Sri Sri Thakur

and be coloured
with the valorous bloom
of Ramchandra, with the ripples of His
service, love and compassion ;

The Great Master

who ignores one
due to sectarian egotism
ignores all.

Follow Lord Krishna to make yourself equipped with presence of mind  and political adjustment of yourself end your environment with every boldened tactful go of life ;

serve with every
sonorous appeasement
like Buddha ;

adhere to your Beloved the Great
like Christ with the service of love to all
and combat evil with every loving resistance
and cross over every difficulty and be flooded with love with every up heaving wave
in your existential trail ;

keep thy adherence untottering like Rasul
with every victorious step
of honesty and encouragement with performing initiative zeal devoting it out and out to Providence ;

be flooded with amusing thrill
with inherent active constant love
for the Lord like Sri Chaitanya ;
and conglomerate all these faculties
with due behaving characteristics
of broad heroic enamoured, intelligent steps ;

be smeared with every loving attitude and meaningful, coherent
compassionate effulgence like Sri Ram Krishna and others too ;

all the prophets
are the new Advent
of the same, and they are similar
in attributes and characteristics
according to the need of
time, place and circumstances,
though their distinctiveness
in existential upholdment
is ever similar ; Sri Sri Thakur